Friday, 3 May 2013

Favourite Mascara

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How is your day going?
I've just got back from work so I'm very tired but I thought I would do a small blogpost on my favourite mascara.
I have tried a lot mascaras over the years (mainly drugstore) and i have a few favourites. When i do my eyelashes in the morning sometimes i like to use a range of different mascaras.... anyone else do that?

The mascara which I will always have in my makeup bag without a doubt is 'Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara'. I tried this mascara a long long time ago purely because it was on 3 for 2 in boots.

I fell in love this product it is amazing!!!

Packaging isn't anything special really just a mascara packaging. I do like the fact that it's bright yellow and stands out in my make up bag however it doesn't look expensive or sophisticated. The retail price for the mascara is £7.19. Therefore the package does reflect the price.

I like the fact that the it doesn't come out clumpy on the brush like other mascaras i have tried in the past. This mascara always lasts me along time... I don't actually think i have finished one i use it for a long time and then see maybelline on offer so i just get a new one :)

One of my absolute favourite things about this mascara is the fact that it isn't a plastic wand. I don't feel like I can get good volume or length with plastic wands... My eyelashes don't like plastic

This is what the mascara looks like this is taken after a long day but I am still happy with how they look after a hard day at work experience and college with out a touch up... yes i need my eyebrows doing majorly there becoming wild

Whats your favourite mascara?

Hope you've had a good day! What are your weekend plans, anything interesting?

Speak soon xxx

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