Saturday, 4 May 2013

Recent purchases

I have recently made a few cheeky buys. Nothing that broke the bank as it is ... save save save in my life.

I bought a few nail polishes as I don't really have a spring/summer collection.
Where I went there was an amazing offer on The Barry M collection, 3 for 2... Always have to buy items when there 3 for 2 . I bought....

Green berry, Atlantic road, Papaya   

Berry Lilac, Bright Pink, Clear top coat

 I also made some makeup purchases. There was a 3 for 2 offer on the brand Seventeen which I have never tried, so I thought I would buy 3 different mascaras.... Just to test out and see what the brand is like.

Va va voom and blow out brushes remind me on of the 'Maybelline Colossal express volume mascara' which is my favourite... fingers crossed there as good :)
Va va voom

Blow out


It was also 3 for 2 one the collection I wanted to try out some new eyebrow pencils...recently used up my Rimmel London one.

  • Intense colour kohl pencil
  • Eyebrow definer 
  • Collection shimmer shades (blusher)
Never guess what... 3 for 2 on soap and glory. Soap and glory are my favourite bath and body brand in the entire world. All the products smell absolutely amazing and are just simply awesome. So I couldn't really resist, would you be able to?

If you want a review on any of my cheeky purchases then just let me know. 
What are your recent purchases? 
Speak soon xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Favourite Mascara

Hello there,

How is your day going?
I've just got back from work so I'm very tired but I thought I would do a small blogpost on my favourite mascara.
I have tried a lot mascaras over the years (mainly drugstore) and i have a few favourites. When i do my eyelashes in the morning sometimes i like to use a range of different mascaras.... anyone else do that?

The mascara which I will always have in my makeup bag without a doubt is 'Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara'. I tried this mascara a long long time ago purely because it was on 3 for 2 in boots.

I fell in love this product it is amazing!!!

Packaging isn't anything special really just a mascara packaging. I do like the fact that it's bright yellow and stands out in my make up bag however it doesn't look expensive or sophisticated. The retail price for the mascara is £7.19. Therefore the package does reflect the price.

I like the fact that the it doesn't come out clumpy on the brush like other mascaras i have tried in the past. This mascara always lasts me along time... I don't actually think i have finished one i use it for a long time and then see maybelline on offer so i just get a new one :)

One of my absolute favourite things about this mascara is the fact that it isn't a plastic wand. I don't feel like I can get good volume or length with plastic wands... My eyelashes don't like plastic

This is what the mascara looks like this is taken after a long day but I am still happy with how they look after a hard day at work experience and college with out a touch up... yes i need my eyebrows doing majorly there becoming wild

Whats your favourite mascara?

Hope you've had a good day! What are your weekend plans, anything interesting?

Speak soon xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Maxfactor lipstick review


Today I shall be writing a review on Maxfactor Colour Elixir

The shade which I am using at the moment is '830 dusky rose'  I am in love with this lipstick it is my go to lipstick at the moment. It's a lovely everyday shade, not too bright and the pink suits light skin tones. As said before I have very fair skin.

The Maxfactor Colour Elixir lipstick is very pigmented and it's not too bright as mentioned before and it only costs £7.99 which I think is very affordable for a good quality lipstick which does stay on for a long time... Not all day but does last long. I do find myself having to reapply this throughout the day.

I think after trying this lipstick i shall be venturing out on other shades as i find these lipsticks moisturising and they don't dry my lips out at all.

I would love to know what your favourite everyday go to lipstick is...

Speak soon xxx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Dainty Doll Review


Here again twice in one day :)

I thought to start off with i would do a quick review. The review which i will be doing is Dainty Doll Blusher.

Dainty Doll is a collection which is designed by the Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. The collection is designed to enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones. I have very fair skin even the lightest foundations are sometimes too dark for me so i thought this collection would be perfect for me.

My Girl
The blusher comes in this lovely cute packaging. The shade which i chose to try was '002 My Girl'. I love the cardboard packaging but i do feel that the actual blush packaging is a bit boring. Overall looks good and is easy to get into.

I like how this blusher is aimed at people with fairer skin as i sometime find other blushes are very harsh and too 'in your face' on my skin.

I found that this blusher is such a lovely colour and is still very pigmented but not too bright. The blush is a powder and is very easy to get a good look. You don't need too much to gain a good colour in your cheeks.

I'm not sure on the pricing because I found this collection in TKMaxx so I believe that the price was at a discount rate. It was a whole ago i bought it but I think I paid around £2.00 and for that I believe that this is well worth it.

I have had this blusher for around 3 months now and it is still my favourite blusher today. I think I will invest in other shades.

One thing that I have found with this blusher is that it does tend to wear off and loose its colour on your cheeks after a while and I do sometimes find myself having to re-apply this throughout the day. But I can handle that.

Thanks for reading :)

I'd love to know what your favourite blusher is.

Speak soon xxx

About me


This is my first ever Blog post. I have been reading Blogs for a long time now and never really built up the courage to write my own Blogs... until today for some unknown reason.

This first post is just to tell you a little about me and my life and then we shall go from there.

I am currently studying for my A'levels close to the end though (finally!). I am studying geography which i don't know why to be honest, i wouldn't be able to point many countries out on a map though. My other subjects are I.T and Sociology.

While studying i have a part time job which i love and enjoy going to work all the time. Its very rewarding and challenging. I only work part so around 8-10 hours a week.

At this stage in my life i have applied to go to university to study Primary Education and received my offers. Last month i had to make the most difficult and important decision in my life... Which was my top university. All i need to do now is work my ass off and get the results (fingers crossed there) and pass the Maths and English skills test :/

Anyway, back to why i am writing this in the first place. I thought it would be a great experience to meet new people. My Blog post will mainly be cosmetic review and possibly lifestyle i think we shall see how things go from here.

If you have any questions about my life, university, A'levels. Or you just want to chat feel free... I'm always up for a chat :)

Speak soon xxx